Black Sheep Hair Company



As you can imagine, you’ll see a few changes at Black Sheep Hair Company following the Covid-19 crisis so we wanted to keep you in the loop of what’s going on behind the scenes and what you can expect on your next visit….


We kindly ask that you bring your own mask to your appointment where possible. One can be provided if not.


We’ve missed you and we love you but the salon will sadly be a hug-free environment whilst we adhere to government guidelines in the minimum of 1 meter distance where possible. We ask that whilst you are in the salon you follow social distancing guidelines.


We ask that you try to arrive as close to your appointment time as possible as we will be limiting the number of people inside the salon and therefore may ask you to wait outside.


Please do not be offended when we ask you to wash your hands on arrival and make use of our hand sanitiser.


For obvious reasons we ask that you do not bring friends or family with you to your appointment. Unfortunately this does include children of all ages.


We ask that appointments be arranged if you are feeling unwell, showing a temperature, have developed a new cough or are showing other Covid 19 symptoms or if you are self-isolating. We also ask that appointments be rearranged if members of your household are unwell or are self-isolating or if you have been around anyone in the past 14 days who has since tested positive for Covid-19.


Where possible we ask that contactless payments be made.


Magazines will not be available within the salon but as always our wifi password is available for all guests. Refreshments will regretfully not be on offer either but please feel free to bring your own. We do ask that no food be consumed in the salon to minimise the need to remove your mask and we ask that drinks be consumed when your stylist is 2meters away.


We ask that all clients enter via the normal front door but leave via our back door to minimise the risk of a crossover between clients waiting outside.


Unfortunately due to the time frame of the blanket closure, if we haven’t seen you in the past 6 months, your allergy test is now outdated. Therefore, we ask that ALL colour clients pass by for a new allergy test before their first appointment back at the salon. Although there will be no entry into the salon for anyone who doesn’t have an appointment booked, tests are being done from the doorway where you will be handed a stick containing a colour sample for you to place behind your ear. An appointment time is not needed but we do ask that if others are present, you queue in accordance to government guidelines. Please be aware that colour appointments cannot go ahead without one.


Whilst we appreciate that cancellations may need to happen to keep in line with government guidance but we kindly ask that at least 48 hours be given to allow us time to fill this appointment. Please expect that you may incur a cancellation fee for anything cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment if you haven’t paid a deposit (please see below for deposit details). The cancellation fee will need to be paid before a new appointment can be booked. For colour appointments the charge is £50 and for cut/cut and blowdry/blowdry appointments the charge is £20.


We will now be taking deposits for future appointments of £50 for colour appointments and £20 for all other services (minus extension appointments where the cost of the hair is required upfront and is non-refundable once the hair has been ordered). Appointments cancelled before 48hours prior to the appointment are transferrable/refundable but within 48hours, will cover the cost of time lost to the stylist. If however, we can fill the appointment space, your deposit will be transferrable. Unfortunately this does include cancellations due to Covid-19 symptoms and or isolation requirements.



This is new to us too. Whilst we get used to our new working practices we may get things wrong but we promise you we are trying our best to get you all back in whilst operating in the safest way possible and we welcome all feedback.




All members of the team have completed multiple covid-19 courses to ensure we are working as sterile as possible.


We will be changing all PPE between each client and regularly washing and sanitising our hands where it is not possible to wear gloves. All team members will wear visors at all times and masks will be worn when shampooing and blowdrying.


 All equipment will be sterilised between each client and there will be a 15 minute space between each appointment to enable us to sanitise and disinfect our work areas & equipment and change PPE between each guest. Our normally very regular cleaning schedules have been significantly increased and will be tracked throughout the day.


We will be limiting client numbers in the salon at all times and distancing clients in accordance to the government guidelines. This may mean that during colour development your stylist may have another client in but the cleaning and PPE routine will be to the standards set out above and a distance of a minimum 2 meters between you will be in place owing to the size of the salon.


All payments  and appointment re-bookings will be taken at the styling station as opposed to the reception desk in order to minimise movement around the salon and we ask that you wait outside the salon prior to your appointment time to ensure previous clients have exited.



Please expect your appointment may take a little longer than what you are used to whilst extra procedures are in place. In an ideal world we would have stopped writing here but as I hope you’ll understand, you’re likely to notice an increase in your hair bill if we haven’t seen you since before the first lockdown. As most of you know, our annual price increase was due in April but in light of the current situation we’ve been left with no option but to revise our price list once again. With extra safety provisions in place, the rising cost of PPE, the extra time that comes with spacing appointments and sterilising in between, coupled with the extra hair regrowth meaning extra product usage, we must pass on a portion of these costs on to keep our doors open long after this crisis is over. Thank you for your understanding, for your patience in this crazy time and as ever, for your continued support.

We can’t wait to welcome you all back!

Chloe, Hayley & Tameesha x