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When it came to opening the salon I was so excited to choose a product line. They’re the tools of the trade and the assistant you can’t work without! But like a kid in a candy store I didn’t know where to turn-there are just so many lines to choose from! So here the thinking started.

   I knew I didn’t want a big major commercial brand….I mean there’s nothing wrong with a big major commercial brand (because if they’re a big major commercial brand they’re obviously successful) but the whole vibe with Black Sheep Hair Company is organic and wholesome so I didn’t want to break that concept.

   In order to go for a less commercial range I wanted something that wasn’t widely used within the city and something that would grab attention and stand out from the crowd. But the main factor was the fact I wanted us to be an eco conscious salon and therefore I wanted a product line that was in keeping with this so no animal testing, vegan friendly, eco friendly etc etc. And here’s where the options began to slim down.

   Now don’t get me wrong, the market for eco friendly products is most definitely on the rise (and that’s great!!) but after trialing multiple lines I soon discovered one thing that was prevalent… and eco friendly products are great for the environment but when it comes to hair care, they rarely deliver. Without naming names there were two ranges that looked fantastic, smelt fantastic and ticked all the necessary boxes. One of these in particular I had my heart set on but when it came to using it on my hair here the disappointment kicked in.

   Both had very different outcomes but neither (unfortunately) rocked my world. The first one seemed to work for a week or two but then suddenly my hair was beyond dry, super brittle and crying out for tlc. Switch to the other one and I had the opposite issue….you know when you’ve got 45 minutes to shower, wash your hair, paint your face and be ready for the taxi to pick you up on time but then you sit at your dressing table and as you’re drying your hair you realise you haven’t washed the conditioner out but battle through because time is rapidly disappearing and the taxi won’t be long so you’re left with hair that feels constantly damp and full of gloopy product…..this was the end result! And as much as there’s a great satisfaction to having insta-worthy bottles sat on the bathroom shelf it isn’t so great when your hairs a hot mess and you feel like a grease ball. And I honestly can’t stock products I don’t like…I have a face of glass and just can’t hide what I’m thinking.

*In steps Insight*

   I like to think of Insight as the superhero of the organic hair care world for me. The packaging looks amazing but in a simplistic, medicinal ‘we’re going to treat your hair and get you back on track’ kind of way. The packaging is made from PET which is a sustainable, non-toxic and a 100% recyclable material. And Insight products are anti-animal testing, SLS, paraben, silicon and allergen fragrance free, are more than 97% derived from natural, organic ingredients and 100% vegan friendly. If you’ve seen our Instagram page you’ll also see that one of the main ingredients is Ozonated Water which is a process that involves an extra atom of oxygen being added to reduce the need for preservatives and the less chemicals that are added to our beauty products, the less chemicals going on our bodies and the less chemicals being poured down our drains.

   You might notice from the bottle labels that interestingly, Insight products are also Nickel tested. Why should this matter? Well reactions to Nickel are often mistaken for dandruff with shampoo use and many shampoos have a high Nickel content which can be linked to contact dermatitis and even asthma. With less than 0.5 parts per millilitre of Nickel tested in Insight products this means that even the most sensitive of skin has a less likely chance of irritation.

   But the best thing about Insight?! My hair has never felt so amazing!! I LOVE IT!! (And I don’t need a mortgage to stock my bathroom shelf!) It’s like a vegan Channing Tatum in product form!

   When I first started using Insight my hair was in serious need of TLC….years of bleaching and the previous trial run of the unnamed moisture-stripping range had taken its toll. Therefore for the first month or so I used the Dry shampoo and conditioner to rehydrate, followed by a cocktail of Oil non-oil and Hair Repair Complex before drying. The Oil Non-Oil is great for taming fluffy/frizzy hair and adding moisture whilst the Hair Repair Complex protects split ends and nourishes poorly hair.

   My previously unruly hair was soon back to a manageable and healthy state and so now I use the Daily shampoo and conditioner and maintain my condition with the Hair Repair Complex which doubles up as a heat defence too and in my opinion makes it the absolute must-buy in the range!

   But it’s not just us that love Insight. We’re proud to say that the Damaged shampoo and conditioner won Best Professional Damaged Shampoo and Conditioner at the 2018 Hair Awards. So if you’re curious about trying Insight products, we do have samples of the shampoos and conditioners for you to dip your toes in and try before you buy. Just ask at your next appointment.

As always, thanks for reading!!

Chloe x

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